About Me

I’m an intelligence and deception analyst living in the mountains of western Montana.

I’m Jeanette “Kit” Perez

I have an MA in Intelligence Studies, a BA with Honors in Counterintelligence, and I’m a certified Statement Analyst.

I work with law enforcement agencies. defense attorneys, social workers, and others for whom truth matters. I’ve consulted on criminal and civil cases for both prosecution and defense, helped perform pre-access and pre-employment interviews, and designed deposition strategies, plus much more.

Years of Experience

Current Open Projects

In this day and age where lies are common and propaganda is everywhere, truth becomes even more critical to find. That’s why I do what I do.

My Skills

I work on criminal felony cases, civil casespre-employment vetting, and any other situation where truth can be hard to find.

Criminal Work: Homicide, Sex Crimes, Offenses Against Children, Kidnapping, Theft, Fraud, Gang Activity, and more.

Civil Work: Depositions, Expert Testimony, Interviews

Employment Work: Pre-Interview Questionnaires, Vetting, Interviews

Truth. Not just purchased opinion.

When you ask me to consult, you can be certain that you’re getting the truth–not just an opinion. Statement Analysis is a scientific pursuit that is used by federal law enforcement, attorneys and more.

Stop wondering what the truth is, when you can know it.

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