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one Trick Pony

I work on criminal felony cases, civil cases, pre-employment vetting, and any other situation where truth can be hard to find. I have over five years’ experience in Statement Analysis and psycho-linguistic profiling, and nine years of intelligence collection and analysis experience across a variety of disciplines, specializing in Counterintelligence and HUMINT.

Criminal Cases

I have experience working homicides, sex crimes, offenses against children, kidnapping, theft, and many other felony types. I analyze subject and witness statements, help design interview strategies, and provide profiles that assist in interviewing.

Civil Cases

I consult on deposition question design based on psycho-linguistic profiling and analysis, perform post-deposition deception detection, and offer go-forward strategies as well as expert witness testimony.

Anonymous Author Identification

I analyze anonymous letters, demands, and complaints, and provide a psycho-linguistic profile that will help identify an anonymous author or complainant.

News & Media Analysis

Have you ever listened to a politician or famous person deny allegations or offer a plan they support, and wondered if they were being deceptive or what they’re really up to? I can show you exactly what they really mean.


Pre-employment Questionnaires

Stop wasting your time interviewing the wrong applicants. I can help you know exactly who to interview–and who’s looking to steal or defraud you–by using the applicant’s own words.

Training & Pro Bono

Do you want to find out more about Statement Analysis and how it works? Contact me about on-site training opportunities at your company or agency. If you have a case you think qualifies for pro bono consideration, please contact me.

Free Consultations Available

Whether you need help with a case, a personal matter, or want to start learning how to apply these skills yourself, get in touch. I’d love to speak with you!

Need to know what happened?

I can help you.

Close Cases Faster

Cut to the chase in your criminal investigations and get to the core of what happened, even in “he said, she said” situations. Conduct highly effective interviews that use elicitation techniques while leveraging the subject’s own words.

Go to Court Confidently

Don’t get surprised in the courtroom. Vet your clients, get more complete depositions, and know exactly what you’re dealing with — before you set foot in court.

Get the Information You Need

Whether you’re an employer trying to hire honest, solid people, a social worker who needs to know if kids are safe, or someone who just wants to be able to see past the lies and know the truth, I can help you get there. Contact me to find out what I can do for you.

The truth is right in front of you. I’ll help you detangle the information and find it.

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The Washington Post published an interview with anti-gun activist David Hogg yesterday, and other news outlets are picking up on the fact that he claims he has had seven assassination attempts on his life. As in, seven times people have tried to kill him. While the WaPo reporter doesn’t explore that or ask for any details, we can deduce much from Hogg’s language itself.

Analysis: Darlie Routier 911 Call Part 1

Analyzing 911 calls is a great way for beginning analysts to practice the principles they’ve learned in formal training. The 911 call is, in some respects, the first interview in a case—sometimes with the perpetrator. Applying the principles of deception detection to...