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What are your qualifications?

I have an MA in Intelligence Studies with significant graduate-level coursework and training in Criminology; an Honors BA in Counterintelligence with additional coursework in HUMINT; and I’m also a certified Statement Analyst and psycho-linguistic profiler.

I currently work cases and participate in ongoing monthly group analysis as well.

What is Statement Analysis?

Statement Analysis is a scientific analytical method for parsing language to determine deception. The term was trademarked by Mark McClish, a retired Supervisory Deputy United States Marshal with 26 years of federal law enforcement experience. The techniques were originally developed by Avinoam Sapir, a former Mossad agent; they were honed by Peter Hyatt and others.


Is Statement Analysis admissible as evidence in a criminal case?

Just like polygraph results, cadaver dogs, and several other tools, statement analysis is not considered admissible. It is, however, invaluable as a “behind the scenes” tool for honing in on a viable suspect early in an investigation, or in helping to exonerate an innocent defendant who has been wrongly accused. It’s also an excellent resource for attorneys, social workers, and employers dealing with internal investigations.

Do you work under non-disclosure agreements?

While my work is not covered under the same confidentiality as an attorney or clergy member, I often sign NDAs in order to work with various clients. Any cases I’ve worked will not be discussed on the website or elsewhere, and if a case is mentioned on the website, I have not had any involvement with it.


How do you protect the information you work with?

All client, case, or work information is stored on an encrypted medium. No one has access to this medium but me. Upon case closure or contract completion, all notes, raw files, and other materials besides the final report can be destroyed upon client request. This also applies to pro bono work.

For my clients’ convenience and privacy, I also maintain the capability to converse in a more secure manner. If you need encrypted communications, please contact me for options.

How much do you charge?

Rates are dependent upon the type of case, expected workload, and projected length. Contact me for a quote.

I do take pro bono cases on occasion. Please note that preference is given to violent felonies being worked by small law enforcement agencies with highly limited budgets, or those who are falsely being accused of a crime. All pro bono requests will be evaluated before acceptance; defendants will be expected to submit a statement about their case for consideration.

I have an audio/video file. Can you analyze it?

I don’t do audio/video analysis because it’s incredibly expensive for the client and requires transcription before analysis can take place. If you’d like to have me analyze an audio or video file, please provide me with a certified transcript.